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Anna Platon

Anna Platon is the first and only officially trained female precious metal caster in Denmark. She was apprenticed to Francois Deletaille in 2008. After several years of experience, she founded the precious metal foundry Platon Cph in 2017.

Anna is a passionate caster who is known for her personal service, friendliness and skillful craftsmanship.

Anna Platon

Simone Klyver

Simone studies the Bachelor's degree in Jewelry, Technology and Business at the Copenhagen Business Academy. She is on her 5th semester and in that connection doing an internship at Platon Cph. 

Sebastian Platon

Sebastian Platon

The foundry is run today by Anna and her husband Sebastian. Sebastian is educated  economist and has, among other things, worked for the Royal Theatre. He keeps track of the paperwork in Platon Cph, and also acts as the company's gold plating services. 


Cledwyn Ellison (Cled)

Cled became a part-time employee in the company as of 1 May 2023. He is originally from England, but has lived in Denmark for several years. He does the investment process, assists in the casting process and helps with the daily chores.


Bjarne Kure

Bjarne has been employed in the company since October 2022. He has helped with the transition to our new financial system and is responsible for the day-to-day running of our bookkeeping. 

Julius Platon

Julius has been employed since February 2023. He is responsible for updating, courier delivery and assistance in connection with the company's development projects.

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