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We make wax impressions from rubber molds, mount inlets on unique wax blanks, set rings to size and make minor corrections in wax before casting.


We offer castings of smaller items (max 6cm x 8cm) in our metals or in your own metal, called a special cuvette.

Be aware that your wax blocks do not have air bubbles in them, this can result in holes in the castings.

We do not recommend casting too massive objects, as it is difficult to achieve a good result.

Very thin items may be weak in the casting and may break.

We do not cover items that may perish during casting, nor rings that break when stretched etc.

We are always willing to recast items if there are errors.

We magnetically polish most silver castings, larger items not always possible.


Yellow gold: 8kt, 14kt, 18kt

White gold: 14 kt, 18 kt

Rose gold: 14 kt, 18 kt

Silver: 925 sterling silver




We make rubber molds in VLT®, it is possible to make rubber molds from many different materials; metal, file wax, 3D printed items, misc. natural materials etc.

We make cold two-component silicone molds from fragile items that cannot withstand the pressure and heat that our ordinary rubber molds require.



We gild in 24 carat gold, and offer two shades; a warm reddish and a cold yellowish.

We print models in FormLab's Castable Wax 40 Resin, which can be cast directly. We also print in Gray Resin and High Temp Resin. The latter in particular is very suitable for making VLT molds.

We print items with a maximum size of 50 mm in diameter.


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